Nothing Is More

The writer wasn’t recognised
His finest work was criticised
By those whose views he did despise
As failures in his field
Now he’s found a voice at last
That rings out from coast to coast
People changed but he held fast
The truth can be revealed
Nothing is more powerful, nothing is more powerful
Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come

France in the eighteenth century
Tried to have equality
Lost its head for liberty
And all those sorts of things
But the whole show kinda fell apart
At the feet of Napoleon Bonaparte
Emperor or upstart?
Guess there’ll always be kings
Nothing is more terrible, nothing is more terrible
Nothing is more terrible than an idea whose time has gone

Five long years I followed you
Didn’t know what else to do
Hoped you’d see my heart was true
And I think I can
Prove you loved me all along
You didn’t know it, that was all
All your former loves were wrong
Now you understand
Nothing is more beautiful, nothing is more beautiful
Nothing is more beautiful than a love whose time has come

Nothing is more beautiful
Nothing is more beautiful

Sharp Practise - 1999-2014