JUNE 2010 
Three Stars 
Pleasant 1970s style semi-acoustic pop 

Nigel Clothier is something of a throwback. He doesn’t have a gimmick, he’s not striving for the bleeding edge, he’s not innovative, he’s not edgy or dangerous, he isn’t backed by famous friends…the list goes on. None of this is a bad thing because his music is what it is, light and gentle semi-acoustic pop replete with hooks and melodies and, while it might not have much original to say, in the main what it does have to say it says very nicely indeed. 

There’s a distinct 1970s feel to much of it, somewhere between Gerry Rafferty and Fairport Convention, and this reaches its apogee with the final song, Harvest Dance, which is just crying out for the Conventioneers to record it. 
Clothier’s songs are the sort that, when you hear them for the first time they instantly grab you and you find yourself singing along even on a first listen. By the same token, you’re hard pushed to remember much about any of them half an hour later but ephemeral pop has a noble history and these songs can sit without shame slap-bang in the middle of it. 

The shorter pieces are the best, with You Come Here and Its Alright the pick of them, while the longer ones sometimes suffer from clunky lyrics and rhymes and a surfeit of earnestness. 

Everything has a good tune though at the very least and while pleasant and listenable may not be cool or hip adjectives they are timeless virtues and Face is the epitome of them.

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