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Tracklisting: 1. You Come Here 2. I'm Gone 3. Morgan's Creek 4. It's Alright 5. No Thanks 6. Born And Raised 7. Cheerleader 8. Eyes Grow Dim 9. Bed Of Rhythm 10. Half Full 11. Words Weave A Spell 12. Harvest Dance

Record Company: Ryeharbour Records

Release Date: Monday 24th May 2010

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Sharp Practise Frontman Nigel Clothier releases his second solo album. Its another collection of country rock and folk songs with Clothier's unmistakeable voice and gentle musings.

Here's an album that will creep up on you without you even realising it. Opener You Come Here is probably the rockiest tune of the album with a great country tinged feel to it and bouncy acoustic guitars ringing throughout and a slide guitar harmony in the background. Clothier rarely shifts out of this gear and certainly he guides the listener gently through his musings. Violins punctuate the upbeat I'm Gone and whilst it might be a bittersweet song, its upbeat nature keep the buoyant atmosphere of the album ringing through and there's something slightky Mark Knopler-ish (Dire Straits) about Clothier's voice there.

There are some great acoustic guitar riffs througout the album too on tracks such as It's Alright, No Thanks (Clothier's Tears In Heaven) and closer Harvest Dance (which has a bit of that Classical Gas feel to it). Cheerleader has a real cool guitar riff as Clothier muses about football and girlfriends. The use of slide guitar is also very gentle and a highlight track is Eyes Grow Dim with a very country feel to it.

Clothier knows how to write some bittersweet songs, about life and love and serenades you with this gentle musings. There's a great country tinge to his work and the acoustic guitars ring clearly and beautifully on a number of songs. Its not too far from his work with Sharp Practise but its certainly a nice album of lo-fi country rock tunes and worth checking out for those wanting something to sit back and listen to on a pleasant drive through the country.

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