Folk artistry welcomes the sounds of Nigel Clothier, a talented musician from across the pond. Clothier’s new album Book of Days is a refreshing addition to the wholesome Americana musical tradition. In the spirit of Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, his music is gently spirited, calming waters running deep. His lyrics are a reflection on “the perfect imperfections” of love and life.

With mellow vocal performance and the complex lyrical depths of a poet, the album speaks to the heart on an aesthetic and emotional level. The music is perfectly suited to introspection, contemplation, and a close slow dance on a rainy night. With the stark bareness of the instrumental arrangement, Clothier’s delivery is void of stadium glitz and glam. His approach is simple, honest, earthy.

The title song “Book of Days” is a sweet ballad that strums the heart strings and evokes a powerful, almost mystic, mythic understanding of love beyond time: “I’ll be patient/ I’ll give up all the time/ I’ll do nothing if that puts you by my side / So take my hand love / Write another page in my book of days”. A melody, a lullaby of patience, dedication and constancy.

Sober and traditional, snappy and catchy, bluesy with a country twang, Book of Days is a satisfying journey from a seasoned artist with an understanding of the vulnerability that we often try to hide and skilled in the narrative song writing that immortalizes the human experience.

Kate Stephenson

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