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Nigel Clothier - Single - Come North

'Come North' is the new single from Lancashire urban poet/singer/songwriter Nigel Clothier - pure British country-folk; honest, refined and real straight-arrow!!

Clothier's lyrics are charmingly exact and exactly descriptive. His music is simplistic but precise and annoyingly catchy. Clothier's 'mysterious' voice is unusual and, at times, a little 'scratchy' but he makes it work for him. 'Come North' sits squarely in the folk idiom with a distinct feeling of urban story-telling/harsh-reality. A strange work in its own right it sort of grabs the attention initially for all the wrong reasons - it sounds like it shouldn't work, it's too basic, it's too naive. But, there's something there that drags you in - quite what or how it happens I'm not really sure but it does creep up on you!

It's 'B' side, the beautifully rendered 'Whisper In My Mouth', is most definitely a bit of country-folk - it's well balanced, beautifully delivered and whets the appetite for more of the same. Between the two quite diverse tracks here you're left with a feeling of musical confusion, not quite knowing what's just occurred! But hey, Clothier does something here that's difficult to put in words - he makes you listen, he makes you feel part of something - he's quite a clever fellow this Nigel Clothier!!

'Come North' by Nigel Clothier is as different as it is strange - a proper little worker of a song that'll go down well with Clothier-ites but may just be passed by by Clothier virgins. It's quaintness and quirkiness makes it appealing and it's definitely got 'radio appeal' but it may be just a bit too 'far from the madding crowd' to make big bucks. An interesting and unusual one this!!

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