Mudhutter Review

Review by Joe Hawkins

Nigel Clothier has produced the first great album of 2008. Book Of Days is a slice of Americana from the north west. The north west of England. Over the course of 11 songs Clothier takes you deep into both his heart and the heart of some exquisite music.

Long considered an expert songwriter for his work with his classic rock band Sharp Practise, Clothier shows off his beautiful voice and incredible musicianship on his solo outing.

With Clothier playing all the instruments (including a wonderful steel guitar) and immaculately produced by Fran Ashcroft - who has worked with a whole host of artistes including Gorillaz, it really is a charming album.

Clothier's diction, the tunes and the downright love on songs such as the title track, Whisper in My Mouth and Little English will melt the hardest of hearts.

Yet this is no one-paced album as the jaunty celebration of Manchester (and Ian Brown) in Exceptin' a Beach hits the honky tonk path via rockabilly to happiness whilst the upcoming single Come North introduces the casual listener into both Clothier's and our world.

That world is one of perfectly crafted songs, simple lyrics (that are the hardest kind to write) and all wrapped up in a beautiful warm musical glow.

Switch off the lights, pour yourself a nice glass of bourbon and just imagine that you are in Austen, Texas and enjoy your own book of days.

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