Maverick Review


Inventive and enjoyable singer-songwriter album

3.5 stars

Lancashire’s Nigel Clothier is very much a throwback to the 1970s English singer-songwriter genre; more Allan Taylor, Clifford T Ward or Al Stewart than Neil Young, Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen his bio connects him to. That’s not a bad thing, because why would a British-born performer really want to be likened to those Americans? There’s more than enough Stateside performers already taking that path. So, despite the liberal use of pedal steel and claims of ‘anglicised Americana’ this in fact quality British singer-songwriter fare, with all the instrumentation provided by the multi-skilled Clothier.

He delivers some good, particularly inventive original songs as well as offering equally effective arrangements and solid vocals. Each track is like a mini story, particularly effective is the title tune, which has already received extensive radio play, the sensitive Hepburn’s Run Away, the evocative Come North with haunting pedal steel and piano, and the sombre saloon ballad Hanging Out. While the singing is simple, the well-written lyrics will inevitably draw the listener in. A neat little album, well worth seeking out.

Alan Cackett, Editor.

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