Indie Music Review

Nigel Clothier makes music for adults. Music to relax by.

Turn it on and you get transported to a terrace in the mountains on a warm summer day, and you’re sitting there in the shade drinking a cold non-alcoholic wheat-beer….. Ahhhhh…. That’s exactly the feeling you have after listening to Nigel’s music!

Although I don’t really like to compare musicians that much, because each is an individual in her/his own right, Nigel sounds a bit like Gordon Lightfoot, with some Jim Croce and possibly even some James Taylor thrown in.

In the foreground are Nigel’s deep strong smooth vocals, and he accompanies himself with a good country-style guitar, and a simple keyboard and drum kit, making for soft, melodic music that produces an harmonious effect.

Nigel sings about personal relationships, especially the archetypal woman/man relationship, family relationships, and the quintessential events of day to day life.

I was very impressed by the high consistent quality of Nigel Clothier’s music.
Reviewed by Gary Levinson

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