Nigel Clothier
“Book of Days”
Leftarm Records

By Sally Schwartz weavingdreams@cox.net

I have listened to Nigel Clothier's "Book of Days" a few times and each time I find different facets that I enjoy.

The first song I heard on the CD, “ Here Tonight,” I found myself comparing Clothier to another singer, BJ Thomas. Then the more I listened, I found that his voice takes a similar path towards Eric Clapton and his acoustic style is much the same manner.

The title song, “Book of Days,” struck home for me, as I had played it the day after my husband and I had a similar conversation. It is a love song of the deepest kind and, if you hadn’t had the conversation yourself, you may miss its true meaning. It is my favorite from the album.

Clothier's work falls into the adult contemporary genre with a folk/country feel. Some may not find it to their liking, as his voice is smooth and haunting. For me, I feel honored that it had been passed onto my desk for listening.

It was an unexpected treat… one that made me think my journal came to life. For you see, I had named my journal Nigel and some of its subject matter is the same found within Nigel Clothier's effort.

So, was it fate or coincidence that I reviewed this CD? I’ll leave it to you the listener to decide.

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