Book Of Days - Nigel's 1st Solo Album


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Exceptin' A Beach

Book Of Days

Come North

Hanging Out

Hepburn's Run Away

Here Tonight

It's A Secret

Just Might

Little English

Season Of The Rose

Whisper In My Mouth

Book Of Days - Medley

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The album is packed with clever single lines that grab your attention even though the overall sound is very laid back and minimal. ‘Little English’ is the album’s most dynamic, a lone organ ballad alluding to ‘putting English’ on a cue ball, closes the album tightly and with strong imagery, Jackson Browne-like vocals and incredible backing harmonies. ‘It’s a Secret’ is a rich acoustic number and on opener ‘Here Tonight,’ Clothier sings one of his most clever and heartbreaking lines, “We watched the film in silence, twenty feet apart/surprised you didn’t hush me, you must have heard my heart.” Book of Days not only requires undivided attention, but it also warrants it, and is worth giving multiple listens.

Greg Newman, Bootleg magazine

I have listened to Nigel Clothier's "Book of Days" a few times and each time I find different facets that I enjoy. The title song, struck home for me, as I had played it the day after my husband and I had a similar conversation. It is a love song of the deepest kind.

Sally Schwartz,

There is much packed into each song's story to maul over in your head. Each song lets out a little bit of what can be found in Nigel's heart. The release’s title, Book of Days, is very appropriate with each song acting almost like its own little chapter in a musical book.

C.W. Ross, Senior Writer, Indie Music Stop Review

He delivers some good, particularly inventive original songs as well as offering equally effective arrangements and solid vocals. Each track is like a mini story; particularly effective is the title tune, the sensitive Hepburn’s Run Away, the evocative Come North with haunting pedal steel and piano, and the sombre saloon ballad Hanging Out. While the singing is simple, the well-written lyrics will inevitably draw the listener in.

Alan Cackett, Editor, Maverick

Nigel Clothier has produced the first great album of 2008. Over the course of 11 songs Clothier takes you deep into both his heart and the heart of some exquisite music. Clothier's diction, the tunes and the downright love on songs such as the title track, Whisper in My Mouth and Little English will melt the hardest of hearts.

Joe Hawkins, Mudhutter

Clothier's lyrics are charmingly exact and exactly descriptive. His music is simplistic but precise and annoyingly catchy. Clothier does something here that's difficult to put in words - he makes you listen.

Toxic Pete

Season of the Rose shows off Clothier's sensitive vocals and inspired song writing as he laments lost love. Clothier sings wonderfully to a folk-inspired and sweet melody. Clothier's debut probably won’t cause much fuss as long as the media is obsessed with people with more cool credentials than good melodies, but he clearly deserves more.

Anna Maria Stjärnell, Luna Kafe

Every woman needs a Nigel Clothier! Book of Days holds many truths about love and life... this is what love is all about. Thank you for writing this lovely song, you sing it beautifully.

Susan N, Ambassador for R&R Music

Nigel Clothier makes great use of melody and understands the importance of a hook, particularly when you don't have a lot of time to snag your audience. Book of Days is rich in image, you know a lot of the references, some drawing on popular culture others on the human condition. Clothier's style is like bumping into someone you knew from years back. It also serves to remind that music does not have to be dark and harrowing in order to have legitimacy and be 'real'.

In the spirit of Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, his music is gently spirited, calming waters running deep. His lyrics are a reflection on “the perfect imperfections” of love and life. With mellow vocal performance and the complex lyrical depths of a poet, the album speaks to the heart on an aesthetic and emotional level. The music is perfectly suited to introspection, contemplation, and a close slow dance on a rainy night. With the stark bareness of the instrumental arrangement, Clothier’s delivery is void of stadium glitz and glam. His approach is simple, honest, earthy. Sober and traditional, snappy and catchy, bluesy with a country twang, Book of Days is a satisfying journey from a seasoned artist with an understanding of the vulnerability that we often try to hide and skilled in the narrative song writing that immortalizes the human experience.

Kate Stephenson,


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