Banging The Rocks Reviews

 "If this is the notoriously difficult third album, the first two must have been a breeze. Sharp Practise play classic English rock, with more than a nod towards folk and blues. The emphasis on Banging The Rocks is on songs, hook laden and heartfelt. One song in particular sticks out, ‘Girls Don’t Look, which bemoans the way that female sexuality has started aping that of the blokes, more concerned with numbers rather than relationship,”

Neil King, Fatea Magazine

“Ten years and still going strong, Sharp Practise have conjured another melodic and simple album that’d easily sit alongside most MOR rock albums of the last decade. It’s constantly chipper, catchy, uplifting, conscientious (songs cover the environment, growing up, and even European history) with light touches, wit and summery sounds of a tight and smiling band”.

Owen Williams,

“Sharp Practise is a band that could sparkle at the Little River Band end of the harmony led rock market. Banging The Rocks certainly has its moments with some clever word plays and gentle catchy choruses that would stand repeated scrutiny on the radio”.

Pete Feenstra, Get Ready to Rock

“Nigel Clothier has fronted Sharp Practise for eleven years now, and it shows. The new album is rock with a real heart to it. ‘Sound of Rock’ is a low-key celebratory track with a witty lyric and some great guitar playing by Simon Foley. ‘Screw The Earth’ is a bitter look at the environmental issues facing us all. The tune is upbeat and tight to boot. ‘Monsoon Rain’ is an upbeat, happy tune with some great guitar lines. Clothier’s vocal is energised also. It’s a terrific album all told”.

Anna Maria Stjarnell, Collected Sounds

“Overall this is a great album of mixed country and lo-fi rock styles that Sharp Practise excel at. They’re not going to blow you away with a wall of guitars and screaming voclals, rather they’ll lull you into a sense of pleasure and get your toe tapping along with Nigel Clothier’ gentle soothing voice”.

Justin, Entertainment Focus

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