Ryan Lawson

  I started out, like most bass players, as a six-string guitar player. It was when I realised I wasnít going to be a great soloist and didnít want to play just rhythm that I turned to the bass. I think it was a good move.

Sharp Practise prides itself on its standards of musicianship and the range of our work gives me plenty of challenges to keep me on my toes. Having said that, I think i've been quite an influence on the band staying close to its roots in blues based rock.

I like to keep the bass part in close proximity to the bass drum and drive a band along that way.  Michael is a very musical drummer so it makes it easier for me to act as a link between him and Simon and get a tight groove. 

I also like the way we use the studio to develop our music; we'll take a verse out to focus a song more sharply, or use some studio trickery to make a better ending and so on.


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