Radiocity Album Stories

Bridge Across The Harbour

Everyone has somewhere they run to when the world gets on top of them. Most places have a landmark that you see when you get there. When I see that bridge across the harbour I know I’ve reached my safe haven.

Morgan’s Creek

Morgan’s Creek is an imaginary town in the heart of Australia. It’s the kind of small town you have to leave in order to see the world, but it’s also the kind of place you end up back home in, settling down. The song is about the homecoming of someone who’s been away travelling but has now come home to a lover who’s been waiting for them for a long time. The lyrics also try to portray the world weariness of the traveller and the fact that Morgan’s Creek is a sanctuary from the madness of the world. Finally, it deals with the dangers and opportunities of travelling, angel looking devils and kissing friends.

No Thanks

This is a song about falling in love with someone unsuitable. In particular, they’re unreliable, in that they gave you their love and then took it away again. Because of this, the singer’s dreams have died, with them no longer believing in dragons (or other magic). The lyrics also hint that the singer stood out on a limb for the subject of the song, specifically between the flame (of passion) and the truth (of daily co-existence) and how you need to broker co-existence (or build bridges) between the two.

Choice Not Freedom (Are You Really?)

This is all about a certain person from a remote town who met a traveller on the road (the singer) and struck up a relationship with them. The individual concerned had been married but the relationship broke up. Instead of a second commitment, they got involved with the singer for a mostly physical relationship that was bound to end when the traveller resumed their journey. Of course, choices can be limited, whereas freedom is not, but many of us confuse choice with freedom.

Bed Of Rhythm

This is pure sex really. It’s all about the realisation that you fancy someone with whom you’ve been friends for some time. It’s also about doing the right thing, knowing that the object of your desires had a prior relationship that wasn’t right for them (never went as far as wishes). There’s a very obvious sexual proposition running throughout the song.

Light Of The Day

This is about a young person who’s grown up in an industrial city where the old businesses have been closed down. They need to move on to a new place to get a start in life. They’ve seen their father used, and in some ways exploited, by their employers over the years. Now the industry that he gave his working life to won’t provide employment to his children. The middle eight is a rejection of politicians who promise solutions but don’t deliver them. It’s also about keeping the old traditions and memories no matter where you end up in life.

Family of Nations

This song is on two levels really and was inspired by being trapped in the corner of a pub by an old bloke who just wanted someone to rant off at. On the big level, it’s about the fact that it’s just as important to win the peace as it is to win a war. There’s a certain resentment I’m sure even nowadays against, for example German or Japanese goods by those who fought against those nations in the Second World War. There’s also a certain resentment against the older folk in a family by the younger ones who want to forge new friendships. By the way, you are far more likely to be killed by someone you know as then there’s a reason to have an argument that might lead to violence.

Paint My Dreams

This is about those people who are visionaries and have the courage to stand in a minority of one. It’s all about having a vision of the future and being prepared to work for it, no matter the cost. It’s also about the pen being mightier than the sword, and how it’s hard to fight against an idea.

How Katie Feels

After September 11th there were a lot of memorial services for fire fighters who had been killed at ground zero. A friend of mine at junior school had lost her father when he went on a routine fire fighting job. After the papers reported his death, no one remembered him. So I wondered how Katie felt watching the memorials for the heroes of the New York Fire Department. This is a true story, by the way.

How Do You Take It?

Ever tried getting rid of someone who won’t accept that a relationship is over? The break-up is due to the changes that the subject has gone through (I love your bones but I don’t recognise you). The chorus deals with the singer’s desire to end the romance (and how to achieve that) while the verses express the singer’s regrets and observations on the situation.

Nigel Clothier

Sharp Practise - 1999-2014