Radiocity is essentially an album about travel - in both the literal and emotional sense - and is a pure delight in a music world where style is often preferable to substance.

The production job is one of exceptional quality as well. There's a strong sense of universality and relatability on here which draws you in, like listening to 'Cats in the Cradle' with your dad, or travelling through a foreign country on your own (particularly Down Under!) with a smile on your face and the sun on your back.

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This should go down well with fans of the Counting Crows and Big Country. It's the kind of thing Neil Finn has made his trademark over the years with dramatic Who-style powerchords and furious discoid drumming - recalls INXS before they went crap and got bloated.

Urgent, in a word. Clearly, this is a band that, like our antipodean pop-rocking cousins, isn't afraid of the three M's: Musicianship, Mateship and Mellifluousness.

Track List
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Bridge Across The Harbour
No Thanks
Bed Of Rhythm
Morgan's Creek
How Katie Feels
Choice Not Freedom
Family of Nations
Paint My Dreams
Light Of The Day
How Do You Take It

Song list provided by Nigel Clothier. Song stories available now here.

Lyrics for every song on the album can be found here.


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