Hiya Album Stories

Eve Got Adam
I used to pass a factory that made joy mining machinery (or so the sign said) on my way to a friend’s house. I also used to know a girl who had a power over me like that Eve had over Adam. I guess love seemed as fresh to us as it did to the world’s first lovers.

Complete History
Very few girls have the same face they did when they were five years old. Fewer tell you what your life will consist of from now on. Even fewer do that at half past three in the morning.

Born And Raised
Tempestuous relationships always seem to be the ones you remember most about. It’s funny too how some places become identified in your mind with a certain person. You end up with as many feelings about the place as you do that person.

No one can solve all the world’s ills. It’s strange how we keep on trying to hold it together with people whose world view is so different to our own. After a while, she seemed to have the perfect face for radio.

It’s Alright
Imagine you have to live your life by strict rules of tradition. Then imagine you meet someone who doesn’t conform to the same tradition. Now take your first innocent steps towards a new way of living.

Love Freely Given
So, you’ve worked in the same place since you were sixteen. Meanwhile, you’ve grown and succeeded in taking a college course on day release. Your workmates still see you as the young kid.

Are You Red Or Blue?
Sometimes the right shape becomes the wrong shape. It all depends which side of the city you come from. There isn’t a second chance.

Maybe It’s Gonna Be Tonight
Ever sat around at home waiting for somebody? Then found out they were having fun with someone else? It’s time to change your mind and move on.

Half Full
I was sitting on a train one day, looking at the other passengers. I wondered why they were all taking that particular train at that particular time. Perhaps some were enjoying their lives more than others.

Won’t You Be My Lover?
It’s time to drive over here and do what you’ve always wanted to. I guess we both want to be together. I wonder why we can’t accept that?

Him Or Me
She ‘phones me up an hour before we were due to meet. “My brother’s home and I want to see him” she says. I reckon she has someone else.

Book Of Days
Some guys are good listeners. Some are supportive of their girls. Some might even wait for them and help them do what they want to do with their lives.

Nigel Clothier

Sharp Practise - 1999-2014