Hiya was made as a studio album using session players, prior to the group getting together.
The people who contributed to the music on Hiya were:

Nigel Clothier - vocals, keyboards; Jason Matlock - drums, Kevin Butcher - guitars; Katherine Crowe - vocals; Mark Daghorn - bass; Tony Turrell - Hammond organ; John Fortune - bass.

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"Eve Got Adam" has had radio play on 3 continents and was used by Fila sportswear. "It's Alright" was used on a DVD by Japanese TV star Chieko Mistui, and various other songs have been played on radio around the world.

Song list provided by Nigel Clothier. Song stories available now here.

Lyrics for every song on the album can be found here.

To hear a snippet for each song, click the play button next to each song.

Eve Got Adam
Complete History
Born and Raised
It's Alright
Love Freely Given
Are You Red Or Blue
Maybe It's Gonna Be Tonight
Half Full
Won't You Be My Lover
Him Or Me
Book Of Days


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