Banging The Rocks Album Stories

Sound Of Rock
A song born of frustration and inspiration. After all the struggle and indifference, we got them really rocking in a bar in Sheffield; even the waitresses were boppin’ along. All we set out to do was imitate our heroes, so this seemed the ideal opening track for the new album

Question Of Love
I was in a dead end job and chasing after a high class girl. She was the arbiter of taste and style, I was a dirty rocker. Hey, I loved her…

My Revolution
The lyrics are based on a review we had for Hiya. I guess it’s all about life on the road and how, without roots, you look for something to change your world.

Girls Don’t Look
I wrote this in Hyde Park, London on a wet afternoon watching a couple sheltering under one of the pavilions there. I was only thinking how girls nowadays are as likely to act like lads as boys do. What happened to old fashioned romance?

Nothing Is More
I guess it’s all a matter of timing, in fashion, politics or love. I wanted to write a Santana style opening and a Travelling Wilburys style ending to a song, and this gave me those opportunities.

Screw The Earth
O, the pride of Man! We only get one bed to lie in and if we mess it up, we’re screwed.

I Will Decide
Sometimes if you’re in the spotlight people forget you’re still the same guy they grew up with. Lyrically, this is about growing away from the friends you had when you were younger.

Hook In My Heart
We wanted to make a faster, more live version of this song, so here it is. If you don’t think I love her, read the lyrics again please!

Bring On The Summer
I wanted to write something sophisticated with a jangly guitar part and this is that song. It’s good to be refreshed sometimes and she is my summertime.

Monsoon Rain
They say that eastern races are more sensual than westerners. Read the lyrics and work it out for yourself – sensuality is the watchword here.

Come To Know

The ladies at the folk club tell me this is the saddest song I’ve ever written. I think there’s an intrinsic longing in all of us that can never be fulfilled, no matter what. It’s probably healthy that it isn’t, otherwise you’d never have a dream.I wanted to pay tribute to Bruce Hornsby here too, especially as the keyboard parts are far more integral to this album than either of our previous records.

Season Of The Rose
A group take on a song from my solo album. I guess nobody’s perfect and we all kick bad against what’s best for us from time to time. I was keen to include a song that had been exposed on my solo record to close the album and square the circle.

Sharp Practise - 1999-2014